The Latest Automatic Cutting Machine

Product Details

The latest Panel Cutting Machine (Conveyer)



• Computer controlled panel cutter;
• Designed to work with
quilting machine or on its own;

• Machine is capable of cutting quilted panels,borders ,trimming sides;
• PLC control and touch screen for easy operation
-Encoder setting of panel lengths for your own dimension cutting;.

• Infrared setting of panel lengths for accurate panel cutting,safe in operation;
Pneumatic sharpening device to maintain cutting blades ,pneumatic material pressing system and pneumatic material pulling system to press and pull material automatically.
• Reliable border feed
ing and cutting mechanism.
• Auto
working table and width adjustable design for precise length .

• Stable ,vibration free operation with low noise and high efficiency. 

New Features:

1. Choose 10 inch large screen, fully intelligent control.

2. Intelligent control of side cutting size and cross cutting size makes operation more convenient and output more accurate.

3. The double axis adopts large roller, enables fabric goes in smoothly, makes cutting size accurate, and cutting edge neat.

4. Encoder and sensor double length detecting, can do different sizes setting

IMG20200312093       C0016T01     MKS_8732

Ten inch screen         Border cytter        Side cutting system

Technical Specification





 Length of board


 Cutting thickness


 Cutting width




 Air pressure



380V/50HZ  220V/60HZ



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