Quilter Manufacturers Popular Ultra - High - Speed Shuttleless Computer Quilter

Product Details

HC3200 High Speed Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting Machine



·Fabric feeding mechanism, easy to load the upholstery materials.

·Thread breaking sensors are installed to stop the machine automatically while the thread is breaking.

·Machine is installed with self lubricated sealed bearings which wont require any lubrication.

·Our pneumatic system is adapted with automatic thread trimming technology, where T&J designs can be quilt without any restrictions.

·Our machine structural design withstands the oscillation movements and eccentric motions which enable the machine run in high speed with less vibration and optimum noise.

·Adjustable pressure plate mechanism is enabled so that we can adjust the plate according to the upholstery thickness.

·Safety sensors and emergency push buttons are provided for safety system.

·Machine can quilt the designs in high accuracy and gets perfect stitch because of mono-independent system, with SBC controller and which software communicates high band width and high frequency.

·You can create your own designs and modify the preprogrammed designs according to your preference which is converted into machine language.

·Around 100-300 inbuilt quilting patterns are preprogrammed in the machine.

·360 degree and 180 degree patterns can be drawn where more than 3000 patterns can be stored.  Machine running status and error detections are displayed on live through monitor display screen.



·Auto adjustable discharge rollers can adjust as per the upholstery thickness to avoid distortion on quilt designs.

·Slide carrying mechanism is upgraded, so that vibration, noise, jerking are reduced drastically.

·Upper discharge rollers are added where wrinkles and scratches are avoided for ticking and knitted fabric.

·Timing adjuster is equipped for easier timing adjustment.

·Double-drive slider enables the machine runs with less vibration and noise.


Technical Specification

 Size (L×W×H)


 Needle space




 Max.horizontal movement


 Rotation speed


 Quilt width


 Production speed


 Quilting thickness





380V/50HZ  220V/60HZ

 Needle size




 Needle arrangement

(50.8,76.2,127)  (76.2,76.2,152.4)


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