Quilting Business Opportunities

China is the world's most attractive quilted textile production and consumption market, it has some of the world's most powerful quilting textile opportunities.

China to establish medium-and long-term strategies for improving the level of the open economy, create new opportunities for the industrial upgrading of the textile industry

Since China joined the WTO, with international coverage of bilateral or regional free trade is expanding and China's trade surplus and large foreign exchange reserves, which are conducive to China's textile industry to expand the introduction of international advanced equipment, advanced technology, outstanding talent, attract new advanced manufacturing enterprises and research and development institutions, to accelerate the industry to improve industrial innovation capability is of great significance. 6 years of the new century, China textile equipment manufacturing industry has made significant progress and advancement, including foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and the capital has accounted for 38.05%, sales 31.34%, export delivery value of 64.3%. Advanced foreign manufacturing enterprises in China led to the factory's progress and progress in domestic OEM, realize the win-win situation.

In addition, because of globalization, internationalization of China's market, the Chinese market is the most attractive market in the world, almost all the big names in the world are in China. Meanwhile, the domestic market is the biggest industry of China's textile industry, 2000 enterprises above the designated size proportion of domestic sales to production is 67%, now by 77%.