HEANGCHANG New Mattress Machine was Deeply Loved by Oversea Customers


HengChang will attend Global Furniture Equipment Exhibition every year, so if want to see our mattress machine and quilting machine.HEANGCHANG New Mattress Machine was Deeply Loved by Oversea Customers.Welcome to contact us for the newest HengChang Exhibition information.


Quality control and after-sales service: mattress machine machinery and equipment in the process design, production debugging, after-sales service are in the quality system management mode. The Company with a solid engineering capacity, mattress machine rich experience in production and scientific and effective management, passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. The company to ensure that all the machinery and equipment factory to the most stringent quality requirements to check, never allow any nonconforming product into the customer. Mattress machine based on the leadership of the full participation, the establishment, implementation and continuous improvement into a flexible and effective quality management system, from the acceptance of raw materials to the product warehousing shipments,quality control, layers of traceability to ensure that products with high pass rate. The company has advanced production and processing equipment, a huge scientific and technological team, accurate and efficient after-sales service, in the pursuit of "high quality, high standards" at the same time, mattress machine combined with the domestic environment and the actual needs of different industries, technical departments perseverance The improvement of our products, and strive to tailor the most "quality and cheap, economical and reasonable" equipment.