Machine Quilting Machines Will Be Replaced By Computerized Quilting Machine

Computerized quilting machine and compared to the traditional mechanical sewing machine, broke its tie half a coordinate function of simple pattern. In flying machines, for example at precise computer system under the control of quilting function perfectly the entire coordinate system developed by a variety of complex patterns, production speed, mechanical performance, noise pollution and other indicators, are mechanical machines of the past could not match. Through the use of advanced quilting techniques, to increase productivity, reduce costs, achieve quilting automation of production process, manufacturers to produce a more practical and attractive products and profits while meeting the needs of the masses in pursuit of their own development and, therefore, computerized quilting machine out of machine quilting machine is an inevitable trend.

Now some manufacturers still use hand-made to quilting and machine quilting machine production. Because both of these methods have their disadvantages, it has gradually been replaced by more advanced production technology of quilting. Quilt in the process can be divided into hand quilting and machine quilting is two. Processing technology of hand quilting is more mundane, also could make it as neat as machine quilting pins, but much better feel than machine quilting is, its price is higher than the machine quilting. Machine quilting is pin-neat, the overall effect is beautiful, feel great. Like that naturally varies.