Hengchang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Sincerely Invites You To Participate In The 43rd Guangzhou Pazhou · Canton Fai

邀请函,Dear customers:

We hereby cordially invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) from March 28-31. 

We will have several quilting machine models including new models displaying at the fair. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the fair and have your value advices. 

Booth No.: S13.1D31

Date: 28th -31st Mar

Venue:  Pazhou,Guangzhou

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Information on Exhibits


HC2500 High Speed Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting machine 


· New fabric loading design. Easy loading material.· Tilted body design. Easy to operate and maintain.· Thread brake detector.· Using air cylinder for thread cutting tail length.· Operated using high quality sealed bearings that do not need lubrication. · Adjustable presser foot lifting mechanism enables you to quilt a broad range of material thickness.· Emergency safety devices.· Improved quilting software control system allows more precise and stable quilting operations.· CAD drawing pattern system allows you to create your own designs.· Machine comes with 100-300 design patterns. · Error problem detection system.

· Pattern compensation. 


HC3000 High Speed Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting Mchine

Innovative Function Introduction:

· Automatic gap adjusting device,adjusting machine to quilt various thickness automatically.

· Updated fabric holder devices,more stronger and heavy duty,no vibration.

· Fabric holder transmit block,ensure machine move much more stable and less noisy.

· Seamed fabric roller,press fabric tightly and quilt pattern stereoscopic.

·Heavy duty art tracking.


HC3000H High Speed Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting machine 

Function introduction:

· Auto adjustable discharge rollers can adjust as per the upholstery thickness to avoid distortion on quilt designs.

· Shock absorber is adapted on fabric holder to reduce vibration and noise.

· Upper discharge rollers are added where wrinkles and scratches are avoided for ticking and knitted fabric.

· The machine has same function as HC3000 quilting machine, and also has an extra quilting function as border quilting.

· Upgraded control system, more stable, has the advantages of reliable performance, convenient operation and high quilting accuracy.

·Minimum needle space precisely reaches half an inch.

· Additional border leading-in locator, border cutting system and rolling system, enables various requests on different sizes of border quilting, makes the machine with quilting, cutting and winding functions in one.

3200机 整

HC3200 High Speed Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting machine 

Function introduction:

· HC3200 chain stitch quilting machine is our latest upgraded model from model HC2500 and    HC3000. 

     · Use brand new control system, enables the machine working more   stable. 

       · More concise control surface and drawing surface. 

· More concise for electronic control system, easier to find out what problem is when it happens.

· Use powerful servo motor, it can support the machine running faster than ever, its running speed      can be up to 1200RPM.

· Newly add cylinder press roller, enables the roller to press the quilting material more evenly, and      makes better output. 

· At both side of the machine’s back, two pieces guide screw are add. When the machine is   working, needle bar goes from left to right, the added    guide screw can makes it move more                smoothly and more steadily.

· Newly add draw-out roller, when the machine is quilting tack and jump pattern, the roller can pull      the fabric more tightly, and roll the fabric out      more smoothly, makes better outputs. 


     HC3500 High Speed Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting machine (Patented product)

Special Function:

·Independent sewing heads,allows quilt with simple patterns,T&J patterns and single head quilting patterns.(Patented product)

·State of the art tracking,superior tracking system allows effortless movement of foam to be fed into the quilter(Patented product).

·Adjustable presser foot lifting mechanism enables you to quilt a broad range of material thickness and patterns.

·A high powered fast speed controlled servo motor for thick quilting with accuracy.

·New main shaft control for easy timing adjustment.

·Using high quality sealed bearings.

·Lately updated software allowing quick design changes of operation.

·Thread break detector.

·Using air cylinder for thread cutting tail length.

·Emergency safety devices.

·Diagnostic detection.