France Textile Machinery Aimed At The Indian Market

France textile machinery industry to cater to the expansion of the European market, the annual turnover of 1.3 billion dollars. However, in the wake of the economic crisis, such as China, India and Turkey and other emerging countries become France machinery market.

France's textile machinery manufacturers made a historic contribution to the development of the textile industry, to the cotton spinning industry, they twisted and textured yarn industry machines, jacquard and Dobby machines, heat-setting machine, supply of non-woven cloth to new sectors of the textile industry processing and the recycling of textile materials. France's textile machinery industry in terms of export ranked sixth in the world.

France textile machinery manufacturers Association (UCMTF) President bulunuo·amulina said: "for a long period of time, we collapse of the country's garment and textile market. Recently, the European market also happened. These markets have turned to China and India and other countries. Despite China's recent lack of vigor, but it looks better. And local investment incentives from the Government, India market has become quite active. "As sales recovered to the level before the economic crisis, France's textile machinery industry looks promising.