Developing Trend Of Textile Machinery Equipment

Textile machinery Foundation in recent years, active in the international textile city of stacked stone surrounding the textile machinery manufacturers are concentrated in industrial park, haimen, 10 or so, Nantong Tong machinery is inside and outside the province famous multi-needle quilting machine production and distribution business. Rudong, special administrative region, there are some quilting manufacturing enterprises. Located in big island road home textile machinery manufacturers, an interview with reporters, may his words be a one-sided, but it also reflects some of the home textile market condition.

Due to domestic industry climate impacts in production technology, many similar to textile machinery product quality, technological innovation speed, sales tools and single, are passive sales, door is usually the buyer orders or purchase. Buyers purchase the most valued brand. Whether it's new or old customers, both have high brand loyalty, once convinced of a brand, you are committed to buying.

In the context of industrial upgrading, product structure adjustment and equipment renovation is an inevitable choice for textile enterprises; many cost increases on the other hand, are forcing enterprises to choose energy efficient products. Therefore, enhance the technological content of products and productivity is fundamental textile machinery industry development and trends.