Computerized Quilting Machine Intelligence Development Of China Road

Quilting machine technology development in China and the experience gained during the international machinery, but computerized quilting machine market is with the development of the textile industry continues to expand.

Actual in China, quilting sewing machine computer quilting sewing machine products of real market also just near more than 10 years into forming, this class products also belongs to young State, computer quilting sewing confidential go of road also is long, future of development direction will is and international standards of intelligent of of road, computer quilting sewing machine should achieved one-time completed open cotton, and sent cloth, and fill, and received side, and CD side, process of sets line, and operation should with Visual of, more human and the intelligent of.

And computerized quilting machines and computerized embroidery machines also will be combined with the remote control of the production process, thus realizing quilting design of industrial production automation, intelligent information management and process control. The intelligent development of computerized quilting machine, China is the general direction of the road.