Manufacturers Direct Multi - Function Shuttleless Multi - Stitch Quilting Machine With Single Stitch Function

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• Independent sewing heads, enables it to quilt with simple patterns, T&J patterns and single head quilting patterns. ( Patented product )

• Foam stands tracking system enables effortless movement of foam to be fed into the quilter.(Patented product)

• Adjustable presser foot lifting mechanism enables it to quilt a broad range of material thickness and patterns.

• A high powered high speed controlled servo motor for thick quilting with accuracy.

• New main shaft control for easy timing adjustment.

• Using high quality sealed bearings.

• Newly updated software enables quick design changing of operation.

• Thread break detector.

• Using air cylinder for thread cutting tail length.

• Emergency safety devices.

• Running state detection and prompt,shows clearly the machine running state.












When   press RUN,Run light is off, no noise with Run connector, and computer display   is off 

1machine   has no power input

2Run Button   connect unwell

3Air Switch   off

1,connect   machine’s power

2,check electric circuit

3keep air switch ON


Run Light is ON, computer display have no signal, when pressed “Quilt   start Button” machine do not work.


1computer   has no power input

2computer   problem

3Solid   switch broken

1、 Connect   power

2、 Change   computer

3、 Change   solid switch


When   you press RUN,RUN light is on, after your hand left this button, RUN light   off immediately

1、 Carriage   travel-block come to photoelectricity protection switch

2、 Emergency   switch locked


1、 strap in X   motor, then carriage travel-block left photoelectricity protection switch

2、 Keep   emergency switch ON


Mouse is in the screen of display, but you can not move mouse.

1、 Mouse   broken or mouse connect unwell with computer

2、 Mouse line   turnoff


1、 Change an   new mouse or connect mouse again

2、 Check   mouse line


Display work normal ,the main shaft do not working

1the   problem with control circuit or connector

2the wires with   Inverter and IO card break off or connect unwell

3Inverter   parameter lost

 4Inverter broken

5Main motor   broken or connect unwell

6No air pressure or do   not find air pressure

1、 Check   control circuit or change connector

2、 Check   wires between Io card and inverter

3、 Set   inverter parameter

4、 Change an   new inverter

5、 Check main   motor’s circuit

6、 Switch on   air pressure and check air pressure sensor work or not


machine still work When Thread broken ,Thread broken detector is out   of work

1、 Display   “thread detector on”is “thread detector off ”

2、 Photoelectricity   sensor ‘s broken

3、 Photoelectricity   in main board broken

4、 Relay   problem

5、 Solid   switch broken

1、 Keep   “thread detector on”

2、 Open   thread detector switch, change new photoelectricity and check circuit with   photoelectricity

3、 change   photoelectricity in mainboard

4、 change   relay

5、 change   solid switch



Start   machine ,Machine run several circles ,then stop

1、 Thread   broken sensor short circuit

2、 Delay time   for Thread broken is wrong

3、 Thread   loosen

1、 Check   sensor circuit

2、 Reinstall   delay time for thread broken

3、 Thread   clip should be tight


Computer   works normal ,but X.Y do not work

1、 The signal   for speed measuring do not send to computer

2、 X Motor do   not find resetting signal

3、 Computer   problem

1、 Check   circuit and position where the speed measuring magnet head  is

2、 Check IO   and X motor

3、 Change   computer


Thread is easy broken

1、 Thread   with bad quality

2、 Something   block between Thread from thread bobbin to thread clip

3、 Thread   clip is too tight

4、 Looper and   spreader have bur

1、 Change   thread

2、 Pull   thread again

3、 Loose   thread clip

4、 Change   loop and spreader


When quilt “tack & jump”thread is easy broken

1、 Thread do not put   in thread clip

2、 When quilt,loose   thread cylinder do not work

3、 Electromagnetism-valve   disconnect

4、 Air amplifier   problem

1、 Change thread

2、 Adjust thread clip

3、 Readjust machine’s frame

4、 Change spreader


When quilt, stitch missing

1、 Thread with bad quality

2、 Upper thread clip loosen

3、 Space between looper and spread is too small

1、 Change thread

2、 Adjust upper thread   clip

3、 Readjust space   between looper and spread


Pattern distortion

1、 Frame to   Pull fabric tighten is loosen

2、 No fabric   in presser roller

3、 XYGXGY ‘s value incorrect

1、 Readjust   frame to pull fabric tighten

2、 Readjust space   between presser roller

3、 Readjust XYGXGY’s value


Thread can not cut when quilt tack and jump

1、 Cylinder   for thread cut do not work

2、 Air press   is not enough

3、 Cylinder   movement is not enough

4、 Upper   thread loosen

5、 Amplifier   break

1、 Change   amplifier and relevant photoelectric

2、 Make air   press higher

3、 Make   cylinder movement higher.

4、 Tighten   upper thread.

5、 Change   amplifier


Open machine, main axis move, but X,Y do not work

1Can not   find upper pos signal

1Check upper pos   magnetic head

2Check wires.



Open machine, X,Y move,but main axis do not work.

1No power   with Main board battery

1Change battery

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