The difference between computer single stitch quilter and multi stitch quilter

Single needle computerized quilting machine

A single needle quilting machine is a computer controlled quilting machine with a single quilting head according to the number of quilting needles. It is a textile machine used for sewing linear patterns on mattresses, bedspreads and quilts. Single needle quilting machine can quickly stitch beautiful patterns in the direction of XY axis, suitable for quilting mattress, bedspread, quilt and other products. It is an efficient computer quilting machine capable of producing high output value products.


Multi-needle computerized quilting machine

Multi-needle quilting machine is a kind of quilting machine, which is mainly used to produce greenhouse insulation. It adopts extra-large hook hook to avoid the situation of jumper. The quilting speed is faster, and the stitches are smooth and elegant. Multi-needle quilting machine is generally used for professional production of greenhouse quilt, insulation quilt, door curtain, car quilt and so on.


Computer sewing machine with single needle is generally a product of high value with complex patterns of quilting.

Multi-needle computer quilting machine is generally a greenhouse insulation quilt with simple quilting pattern and high production speed.