Some knowledge about computerized quilting machine

Computerized quilting machine is used for sewing mattress, mattress covers, quilts and other linear pattern on textile machinery. It is similar to principles of sewing machines, (sewing machine textiles motion of, the machine stationary. Quilting machine exercises: static machine movement textiles).

Quilting machine interpreted literally be quilting machines, say "quilting". Explanations given by the CI, quilting is with long needle sewing laminated textile fabrics, on the other hand fixed. Originally is quilted by hand. After the invention of the sewing machine, people began to study the quilting machine. Around 1991, China introduced the first machine quilting. It was at that time, China began to have their own quilt. But by then, people knew little about quilt, so most of the quilt is exported.

The emergence of computerized quilting machine:

Under the continuous research found, in the efforts of researchers, has finally developed a computer-controlled "quilting machine". He solved the birth of quilting insurmountable problems. Computerized quilting machine compared to the traditional mechanical sewing machine, broke its tie half a coordinate function of simple pattern. Precision computer systems under the control of quilting function perfectly the entire coordinate system developed by a variety of complex patterns, production speed, mechanical performance, noise pollution and other indicators, are mechanical machines of the past could not match.