How to test computerized quilting machine performance

1: quilting machine should have a clean performance, repeatedly try on when users purchase quilting machine, determine the quilting machine at work does not occur when the pollution of cloth.

2: quilting machine factory has perfect after-sales service.

3: normal manufacturer of quilting machine in the initial design and development should be taken into account when its scalability.

4: low noise, low vibration: computerized quilting machine is from the chassis of the structure to each of the parts, optimization and design for all in all, so when on a daily basis should not be too much noise and vibration.

5: regular quilting machine manufacturer shall have certificates and other quality reports, such as the CE certificate.

6: when choosing a quilting machine can not only consider their quilting speed, is now the key is to consider the stability of their quilting work, quilting products in the production process, taking into account the affordability of the fabric and stitching, as well as the stability in order to achieve efficient work.

7: good quilting should be a high degree of automation, debugging when you purchase should be carefully debugging checks its automation and flexibility, set good sewing machine can automatically complete the work.