Flexible automation and processing equipment

As the product becomes increasingly diversified, replacement faster, shortening of product life cycle, many varieties of bulk (especially small) production is already mainstream manufacturing production patterns. Therefore, the automated processing equipment flexible rising. Flexible variety of flexible manifested in objects, which can easily be within a certain range from the processing of a parts replacement for another part of processing function. Flexible automated processing is controlled by software/programming the machine tool for processing, replaced with other parts, simply by changing the relevant software/programming and a little jig (sometimes not even need to replace fixtures). Generally do not need to machine tools, equipment for manual adjustment, can be achieved in another part of the processing, for mass production, or both to change multiple part production, which will significantly shorten the multi-product production equipment adjustments and production preparation time.

For the automated processing of medium and small batch production, with some of the following functions.

(1) automatically transform the processing function, automatic processing equipment you can set up one or a group of computers, or programmable controller for the production control and management system, the system can be equipped with different products according to their needs, conveniently and quickly function of automatic change of equipment work program, reduce system load adjustment time.

(2) the function of the automatic processing of multiple products or parts, set workpiece during the machining system and accompanying clamp transport system, as well as the processing system has considerable versatility and a high degree of automation, make the whole system in Group technology automatically based on multiple product or groups of parts processing functions.