Effect and prospect of computerized quilting machine

Computer quilting sewing machine of structure simple, breakthrough traditional computer quilting sewing machine technology bottleneck constraints, used imports line guide, unique of technology makes machine beam run light sensitive smooth, guarantee computer quilting sewing machine quality. so in price aspects computer yan machine of price also will has increased, most cheap of computer yan sewing machine of price in 15800 around, high grade of had 100,000, accuracy high, can do export of products. Easy operation, high speed, applies Yu bedding, mattress, clothing, furniture industry. can will computer yan sewing machine widely for various quilt, and sleeping bag, and bedspread, and curtains of quilting sewing; computer yan sewing machine of bad many, to wants to select a paragraph is good of mechanical, key to see mechanical of key parts like the turned parts by with of material, step into motor led whole machine of run, if synchronization round selection plastic or nylon pieces

Be careful, soon to die, also depends on the specifications of the materials of all parts, such as small quilting frame, if 4x4 pipe machine running stability.

15 years ago, the mechanical multi-needle quilting machine into China, high output, consistency is good, but simple tricks, less change, fail, and cannot play, dominated by composite, processed materials and batteries. 1.2 intermediate quilting now some manufacturers still use hand-made to quilting and machine quilting machine production. Because both of these methods have their disadvantages, it has gradually been replaced by more advanced production technology of quilting. Computerized quilting machine compared to the traditional mechanical sewing machine, broke its tie half a coordinate function of simple pattern. Precision computer systems under the control of quilting function perfectly the entire coordinate system developed by a variety of complex patterns, production speed, mechanical performance, noise pollution and other indicators, are mechanical machines of the past could not match.