Computerized quilting machine invented by the great significance

Computerized quilting machine quilting machine is combined with computer operating systems. Computerized quilting machine solved the birth of quilting insurmountable problems. Computerized quilting machine in its precision computer systems under the control of, perfectly prepared by a variety of complex patterns on the coordinate system as a whole, in its production speed, mechanical performance, noise pollution and other indicators, is quilting machine in the past can not be compared. In quilts, for example, beddings, generally consists of fetal material and appearance of the textile fabric is composed of two parts, tire material and wadding and fibers Division. Fetal core fiber-like bedding structures and shapes are not fixed, flowable shrinkage, uneven thickness. In order to make the snap fixing between the Outer fabric and the inner core of the bedding, bedding uniform thickness, Outer fabric with an inner core to side-by-side lines or decorative patterns to stitch (including stitch), which increased aesthetic and practical actions will require computerized quilting machine to complete.