Computerized quilting machine crash problem how do I fix it

1, carefully check the belts have computerized quilting machine loose slip, if there is such a question would have to be adjusted in a timely manner.

2, check the computerized quilting machine head motor clutch friction plate wear is not serious, check clutch action is normal, the clutch travel are not within the normal range, adjust when replacing reset springs and adjustment of clutch friction plate trip.

3, examined computerized quilting machine there is dust and dead center. Remove the belt, turn the upper and lower timing wheel, check whether the head and the bottom part rotating slide respectively, there are no dead spots. Machine should be dead, carefully identify the dead spot, and then be excluded. Focus check moving parts for deformation, screws for loose shift, or exercise and there's dirt, foreign bodies and oil shortages cause movement delays. When a deformation of parts replacement, readjust position on loose parts, and foreign objects should be removed by washing and then lubricate. Special attention to check that the hook rack rail clamp cloth scraps and other debris.