Computerized quilting machine sewing parameters by computer control

This is the process of quilting sewing sewing parameters (sewing speed, line weight, line tension, etc) are computer-controlled.

Quilting machine online tracks during the formation of the need for computer control sewing speed parameters. Quilting machine speed according to sewing need to make constant adjustments.

Quilting machine online tracks during the formation because of lock stitch bobbin thread capacity the size of the impact of the bottom line, to control the amount of bobbin thread how much allowance, guaranteed stop sewing sewing without missing the bottom line for the last time, affect sewing quality. Therefore, quilting machine bobbin thread need to real-time control over the weight allowance parameters, alarm, shut down for the bobbin. Quilting machine online tracks during the formation, in order to meet the feeding requirements of different materials, in the course of differential feed, you need to sew on different segments have different differential feed amount of actual control. As in a suit sleeve process, called for the adoption of computer controls for different sewing sewing for different differential feed amount control in order to ensure stability of the suit's sleeve technology. These are quilting sewing sewing parameters in process of realization of computer control, parameter is a means of improving the quality of sewing products.

Quilting machine thorn while working, and choose the line and hook line agencies are gradually realizing computer control, on the device is set up 2-driven machine, quilting thorn feeding mechanism, and choose the line mechanical part for a motor-driven, hook line machine for another drive. Gill mechanism and take-up mechanism after the formation of loops, make sure the cable machinery finish line rings, picking thread mechanism to quickly shuttle your line and hook loops of line agencies and ensured the smooth bottom of the received material. These two institutions are driven by 2 different motor coordination of implementation of synchronous management.