Computerized quilting machine repair and maintenance tips

Computerized quilting machine with the prolonging of use time, often prone to various problems. Therefore, we should pay attention to the reasonable maintenance of computerized quilting machine, maintaining a good work environment.

Computerized quilting machine working environment, including physical and electric environment in two ways. The former refers to the ambient temperature, humidity, dust pollution and vibrations, impact; the latter refers to static electricity, power line noise and RF interference. If environmental factors are ignored, may cause the system to work erratically.

1, computerized quilting machine environment temperature and humidity: computer requirements for temperature and humidity is not high, as long as users feel comfortable environment, computers can accommodate.

The temperature is too low, there may be some parts are not working properly, this is not a computer failure temperature too high, computer cooling difficulties component malfunction due to overheating;

Relative humidity varies, due to their location, too dry air can cause static electricity accumulation, damage to integrated circuits, bad for both human and machine. Too humid air, will make computer chips inside the oxidation caused by corrosion, resulting in poor contact or short circuit.

2, ventilation: the computer has certain requirements for ventilation, computer best good ventilation, and Shun to the heat sink.

3, dustproof: engine room environment is the main factor to ensure the machines work properly, there must be some dust equipment such as cleaning equipment, slippers and Cap cover.