Computer characteristics of single-needle quilting machine

Quilting quilting machine to make the necessary modifications in the process, make it easier, increase the production of sewing accessories. Computer quilting sewing machine as a set control, and big capacity storage technology for one of emerging machine, computer quilting sewing machine solution programme using industrial level computer on quilting sewing machine work for data processing and transmission, greatly improved has yiqian traditional of dedicated frequency device of mechanical type work way, and has strong of fault-tolerant function, has had flow, overheating of processing capacity, this computer quilting sewing machine used unique of upper and lower hanging type head design, before and after respectively by three article high precision synchronization belt drive, thus quilting sewing precision high, and used low noise To reduce noise pollution; multi-needle quilting machine is suitable for a wide range of quilting, such as bedding, clothing, decorations, and based on market and customer demand, mattresses, clothes, bedding and other products of the processing has a very wide range of applications.