HC3200 High Speed Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stich Quilting Machine

HC3200 High Speed Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stich Quilting Machine
Product Details

Basic Function Introduction:

·New Fabric loading design. Easy loading material.

·Titled body design. Easy to operate and maintain.

·Thread brake detector.

·Pneumatic air thread cutting system.

·Operated using high quality sealed bearings that do not need lubrication.

·Adjustable presser foot lifting mechanism enables you to quilt a broad range of   material thickness.

·Emergency safety devices.

·Improved quilting software control system allows more precise and stable        quilting operations.

·CAD pattern drawing pattern system allows you to create your own design.

·Machine comes with 100-300 design patterns.

·Error problem detection system.

·Pattern compensation.

Innovative Function Introduction:

·Auto adjustable feed rollers allow operator to adjust

  various type of thickness.

·Fabric holder transport block ensures that machine operates with more stability and less noise.

·Sealed fabric rollers allow better control of design pattern.

·High speed machine operation and stable control.

·Heavy duty tracking system for feed in and feed out material.


Mattress panel, mattress pads, bedspreads, comforters, bedding, clothing, handbag, glove, sleeping bag, upholstery and more.

New Flower Patterns


Technical Specification:

Size (L X W X H)




Quilt width


Rotation speed


Production speed


Needle type

130/21, 140/22, 160/23,180/24

Needle arrangement

(50.8,76.2,127) (76.2,76.2,152.4)

Max. horizontal movement


Needle space


Power supply

380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz

Stitch size

2-7 mm


10 KW

Quilting thickness


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